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Senterlan 2007(Green, Grey, Rucksack)

Senterlan 2007(Green, Grey, Rucksack)

OverviewThe Senterlan Hiking Rucksack is a bright and beautiful rucksack that has a dazzling red exterior that enables this bag to be tracked and from a fine distance. This immaculate and flawless hiking bag by Senterlan has many features and functions. It has a soft shell that is brilliant and soothing of the skin. The bag is equipped with a butterfly lock. It has hip belt for strong support and a helmet compartment for storing and carrying the helmet. The hiking bag has two kinds of locks. One is a butterfly lock and the other is a drawstring lock.Material and Design The Senterlan Hiking Rucksack is made of nylon material. The bag has a sturdy handle strap and a padded strap type. It has a 38.1 cms adjustable shoulder strap. This hiking bag is an excellent travel gear.Dimensions and Capacity This hiking bag by Senterlan has the height of 20 cm. Its length is 4 cm and the width is 14 cm. the bag has the weight of 1.3 kg. It has expandability. The bag can be enlarged.Other Features The drawstring closure of this stylish and trendy bag ensures ease and finesse. This bag has a water resistance feature.
July 18, 2019 Imrit

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