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AutoKraftZ 0.5 amp Car Charger(Black)

AutoKraftZ 0.5 amp Car Charger(Black)

High quality vehicle cigarette lighter adaptor. Convenient to charge your device while driving. Short-circuit protection. Keep voltage steady to prevent devices from overcharging. Usage: Plug the Car Charger into the cigarette lighter and insert the connector of car charger adaptor into the PDA to realize recharging the PDA. You can DIY the length and the width of the lighter's cable. It can be used for all kinds of vehicles. USB port charge for IPod, mobile phone,mp3/PMP,GPS,PDA in your car. It is adjustable angles up to 90Deg. Triple socket with 24V output,DC 24V using only. Input voltage: 12V / 24V. Output current: Max. DC5A(expect USB). USB Output voltage/ current: DC5VMax 5.4V/DC500mA. Temperature: 0DegC-6DegC. Relative humidity: 5%70%Bottle is included. Compatible: iPhone, iPod, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, LG, BlackBerry, Motorola, etc
September 18, 2019 Imrit

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